Considered by some that have heard of it to be little more than a myth, Quaddis is a strange world, and one unique in the Calixis Sector both in political structure and history. Quaddis is not a planet eaten up by agriculture or vast and hungry factories, but rather it is bound to the whims and caprices of the elite of many other worlds isolated and protected, a false paradise of captured wonders and of long buried secrets.

Having only one city, the remainder of this pleasant and temperate world is given over to vast estates known as fiefs. Each fief is used for whatever diversion the owners wish, from cultivating rare vintages to hunting exotic creatures. A fief is the absolute realm of its owners, and within it, they are subject only to their own laws and lore of the Throne, though “what the Emperor does not know,” they claim, “will not hurt him.”

Areas of interest:

The Hub and Ashtear Starport
This is where the planet’s governor regent and family live, in addition to being the Spaceport. It is noted on the map that, for the Festival, all space travel is forbidden. Several dozen anti-orbital batteries are set to automatically destroy anything that comes within orbit of Quaddis.

The Promenade of Areans
This area is noted as containing bloodsport pits, gambling houses, bars, feast halls, and entertaintment of that nature. A note on the map recommends the “Turn of the Wheel” establishment.

The High Steps of the Pleasure Gardens
These gardens are not a single area, but spread out throughout the entire area. All of them are connected and appear to all radiate out from a single source close to the center of the domed city.

The Collapsed Palaces
This area is what it sounds like. It is noted as being covered with old Palaces. The map says that cheap rentable living areas can be found here, but does not recommend them. It is noted on the map that this area should be avoided in general due to the large amount of criminal activity.

The Valley Gardens of Sul
This area is noted as being the site of dozens of religious sites, mausolems, and monuments.

The Guild Enclave and the Gilden Houses
This area is where Quaddis’s artisans can be found. The caption says “If you have the money, they have what you want”

The Eternal Show of Shadows
It is here that operas are performed using purely shadows. The map denotes that all the tickets are sold out.

GM’s Note: No, there’s nothing suspicious here. The only use of this place is to question people for information

The Refutation
This area is largely ruins. However, the Administratum maintains a permanent base here called the “Locus Prefecta”, which boosts several cathedral-size data vaults.

The Grand Estate of Gabriel Chase
This is the one-time seat of the Haarlock line on Quaddis and, once long ago, the Haarlock’s entire seat of power. It rests at the center of Xicarph and dominates the sky-line. It is noted that the Theatre of Clocks, including the legendary “Steel Clock” rests here. The smallest and, therefore, grandest party in the entire area is held here. Invitation only. Interlopers will be shot


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