Mission Log - Sunken Ship

<< Mission log to the station’s central computer – Submitted by Jace Echo>>

After receiving the mission brief we travelled upon The Ozymandias to Solomon. The Rogue Trader Alexandra Rubio requisitioned our services for a short time and we met all expectations of her personal mission, gaining her favor. During our side mission however Albia Quintella unexpectedly turned rogue and is considered a threat to our operation, it is suggested that Albia is now working with Reesis Ravion an acolyte who has attempted to interfere with our plans in the past, the exact nature of their motives are unknown. Blue Steel joined our group in place of Albia. Upon completion of captain Rubio’s work, ample time was left to travel to the Sunken Ship.

Upon arrival to primary destination (51° 28’ 38" N), we met with numerous PDF troopers who warned of cultist activity inside the ship. Minimal life signs readings indicated quick travel to the reactor, however, clear signs of warp instability were present, the cultists were suggested to be killed by the very demons they had worshiped. Upon reaching the ship’s AFT-V5 reactor we were met with demonic resistance. An entity known as Nekaybraianon a supposed time demon; was slain by Sanguino and Jimmy felled the servants of this demon through a necessary self detonation. Sanguino succeeded Jimmy on the team. It is recognized that Jimmy‘s actions had saved the group’s lives and helped secure the mission. Though the most puss filled meat bag I have met, he was notable.

While prepping the reactor’s meltdown it became apparent that great damage had been done from the nearby explosion, the reactor was venting radiation. It was imperative the reactor be set to meltdown at an excellerated rate – lest it not be capable of exploding at all. Several rites and passages were spoken that would delay the severe compound failure until the designated timeframe. Exiting the ship the PDF were requested to move to a safe distance and we departed planetside.

Upon successful completion of the mission the team returned via The Ozymandias, warp travel took approximately 2 months.

<< End of log >>

Details omitted from log:
- The reactor in the crashed ship was not actually damaged, it was set to explode prematurely to avoid killing the inquisitor who would be visiting the site, instead, hopefully warning the imperium of the planet ending threat found below.
- Knowledge of potential Haarlock connections.
- Nature of outcome of Rubio’s side mission, wherein the team acquired a plethora of contraband.
- Helping super-criminal Inoculated find safe haven on Sophano Prime.
- Various research was performed during the voyage, including potential details about what the Outpost is.
- Many dark secrets were performed over the course home, be they dark-rituals or carnal cravings by various team members.
- Various levels of time-fuckery: Rogue Trader Rubio is suspect to be flying the very same ship that was crashed on Solomon (that’s what you get from using a ship looted from a space hulk!). Sanguino was trapped in time for hundreds of years and upon returning to the Outpost, a self destructive situation arose that was reverted through the use of The Red Button located at the central computer.
- Both Alexandra Rubio and Lanus Cisten are scions of Haarlock.

Mission Log - Sunken Ship

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