black metal

Research Notes by Jace Echo

Findings on subject-2181 aka Jaceonium.

- Compound appears to be a black metal of unidentified nature >> Was found within The Unopened Box, was said to be the heart of Haarlock‘s daughter by the Guilded Widow.
- Subject appears to be the approximate size of a meatbag’s heart.
- Subject appears to conduct null energy when analyzed for heat/electrical signature.
- Compound found within three other known objects: subject-2164 ( The Ice Ring), subject-2184 ( Luminous Reproach) and subject-WTF.ORLY? ( Outpost). It is suggested to be within subject-2188 The Red Button, but inexplicably any time we attempted to delve into subject-2188 it would appear the day was over before we had begun.
- Subject appears to be a conductor for subject-2164, a technology found throughout subject-WTF.ORLY?. It is theorized by myself and Inoculated that the metal may act as some form of chrono-conductor, need more testing with subject-2188, unfortunately time ran short and Inoculated left with subject-2188 before research was finished.

There was some debate as to what the compound would be called. During the deciding process two names were panelists. Chrononium and Jaceonium. Luckily during the deciding phase the Inoculated apparently went into standby mode and the name was decided without him.

End of Research Notes

black metal

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