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  • Charon

    The Charon was the first ship to transport the group to and from a mission. It is an abnormally small ship, less than one kilometre long with many more bizarre features inside. It is crewed almost entirely by Servitors, with only a small selection of …

  • The Ozymandias

    The Ozymandias is the Rogue Trader ship currently owned by Captain [[:alexandra-rubio | Alexandra Rubio]] the last of the Rubio line. The ship is old, and in severe disrepair as the fortunes of the Rubio line have dwindled to near-terminal levels. …

  • Hollow Matron

    The Hollow Matron is a currently defunct and crewless vessel orbiting [[Solomon]] in one of its many orbital stations. The deed to the ship was purchased initially by [[:124975 | Magyar Marshrek]], but fell into the hands of the group after his death.

  • Sunken Ship

    The sunken ship is a vessel almost entirely submerged in the toxic swamps of [[Solomon]]. It is located within the interior (the abandoned areas between the great hives) nearby Hive Gloriana. The group was given a mission to enter the ship and cause …