Tag: scum


  • Boris Helghast

    Boris is a new member of Reesis' inquisitorial task force. He is a large bruttish man with poor manners and a large mean-streak. His chosen weapons are a pair of full-auto capable pistols, with which he is expertly trained.

  • Draxus

    Draxus is a drug and weapons dealer operating out of the [[Thaen Division]] of Hive [[Sibellus]] on [[Scintilla]]. Two members of the group, [[:victus | Victus]] and [[:arla | Arla]] gained contact with him while searching for assassination missions to …

  • Blue Steel

    Arbite Record on criminal known as "Blue Steel" D.O.B - 6347551.M41 Place of Birth - Belahaam Last known location: Hive Tarsus, in custody of Arbite officals. Parents: Mother - Unknown Father - Quint Gaius, Born: 3999500.M41 Died: Unknown …