Zuriel, stick thin and paranoid, is a control addict who sees his Inquisition job as a ticket to the power he's always been denied.


== Subject Zuriel Solo presumed born year of the Rational Tiger. No records of guardians found. ==

From the Administratum Logbook of Logister Brachius, Sophano Prime
“Zuriel came to us as a conscripted literate from the Orbital Orphanariums, a runt of a lad who struggled to stand in natural gravity. Life in the student barracks is often hard, and his headmaster’s notes indicate that he was not expected to survive to his twelfth-year graduation. Through some stroke of foul luck, he ingratiated himself with the Calculators Gangers, and survived his first winter acting as a Focusine pusher to his fellow younglings.

It is policy to turn a blind eye on the misdeeds of youth, so long as they do not inconvenience their elders, but despite frequent whippings, Zuriel recklessly continued to read tomes far outside what was ordained for his year. After multiple incidents, YearMaster Ginitte caused him to be expelled. Here he committed the most unforgiveable crime – the theft of two irreplaceable Medicae textbooks! He has a standing appointment with the Librarium Gallows, should ever he be so foolish as to be seen again."

== No record of Subject for fifteen years. He was believed perished in the Middle Hive. Next recorded appearance is in log fragments recovered from wreckage of the Arbites Overhouse, destroyed in the Pale Flames incident ( see Acolyte Liop for clearance ). ==

Incident Report from Arbite Overseer Lancis, Sophano Prime.
“… additional three hundred guardsmen into Target A, with expected survival rate of 1 in 40. Reserve triage offices established in co-opted civilian quarters in the East 3rd and North 8th Divisions. Mutant Dregs from Underhive seen looting drugs and corpses; ten additional men assigned to East 3rd. Civilian Zuriel Solo is to be treated as a citizen of authority over medicae officers in East 3rd. He is to be accompanied by two officers at all times, and under no circumstances is he to be armed. His involve-” [ end of record ]

== Post incident, Subject was picked up by Inquisition Sanitization teams, but execution was delayed indefinitely due to a request from Acolyte Liop. Enhanced interrogation revealed a career of unlicensed Medicae work for a number of middle Hive subjects; almost all of these had died during the incident or the subsequent sanitization. Interrogation log follows: ==

SklCam Aleph recording, Inquisition Facility
Acolyte: “Guardsman Akod confirmed your story. Very heroic work, seizing that Lasgun and defending your rich, helpless patients.”
// Acolyte places caf mug on far floor of the cell. //
Subject: “…I’ve only ever tried to serve the Imperium as best I can.”
Acolyte: “Those dregs were shot with military precision. Must be those surgeon’s hands.”
Subject: “So, when will I be-”
// Acolyte removes Laspistol from holster. //
Subject: “- oh no. No, there’s no reason for that! We can make a deal!”
// Acolyte presses Laspistol into subject’s hands //
Acolyte: “Listen sharpshooter, you try and shoot that mug. You hit it, you walk free right now.”
// Subject fires several las blasts at mug. Mug is undamaged. Acolyte retrieves pistol. //
Acolyte: “Simm? You were right about the Guardsman.”
// Acolyte retrieves caf mug. Gunshots are heard from off camera. //
Acolyte: “Put this one in iso storage. And Emperor’s sake, find me some caf that’s better for drinking than target practice.”

== Subject was released by order of Acolyte Liop six months later. His current whereabouts are unknown. ==

For clarity, the actual sequence of events:

  • Mysterious fires break out in the Hive. Inquisition teams are seen dragging away known heretics, including some of Zuriel’s contacts. He decides to defect to the winning side.
  • Zuriel stages heroic incident at his local clinic, claiming to single-handedly fight off several mutants attacking his clinic. In truth, he told a small family of mutant dregs that he would exchange looted tomes for drugs and food, and then bribed Guardsmen to act as both murderers and witnesses. He then presented his badly-needed services, free of charge, to the Arbites.
  • As his keen skills are desperately in need, he connives his way to a position of authority within the triage clinic. He works tirelessly to gain goodwill, but the suspicious convenience of his actions, and poor acting ability, earn him only distrust. The high casualty rate works in his favour, as most of those who were truly suspicious of him die in combat, or on the operating table.
  • Concerned that his initial plan was quickly eroding, Zuriel attempts to cozy up to Acolyte Liop and her team. His help is warmly received, and he serves within safe territory, tending Liop and other Acolytes injured in the fighting. Believing himself secure, he begins trading medical supplies in return for Guardsmen favours.
  • After the Inquisition is satisfied that the situation is resolved, Zuriel and his bought Guardsmen are immediately arrested by waiting Arbites. Liop was aware of his activities, and found him a convenient and motivated tool. She requested his execution be delayed for her own reasons.
  • Six months of torture and isolation later, Zuriel is released. He is banished from his home Hive and told never to return. He blames Liop for the loss of his accumulated wealth and knowledge.


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