Venris Barbosa


He’s a vampire warewof wizard that’s on fire.



Weeded out for the Black Ships at an early age, the brothers Barbosa remember little of their void-borne home. While both were considered suitable for sanctioning and both survived the intense psychic initiations that followed, Venris and Magnus were destined for different callings. Magnus, with his keen intellect and foresight became a powerful seer. Conversely, Venris’s physical and martial prowess made him an ideal candidate as a Calix Templar. Through his studies in the temple librarium, the young psyker became engrossed with the fantastic tales of the ice world Fenris (intrigued by its striking similarity to his namesake). Most notably, the awe inspiring legends of the Fenrisian ThunderWolves, to whom the famed Space Wolves chapter owe their savagery. Over the passing years, interest turned to obsession, and Venris developed an insatiable power lust to match the hunger of his lupine inspiration. Waving the cautions of his peers and tutors, Venris insisted on taking a pilgrimage of isolation to strengthen and shape his mortal body.
Choosing the frozen and unpopulated death-world of Serris IV as his new monastery, Venris steeled himself for five years of exile. When he returned half a decade later to the Temple Calix on Scintilla, he filed no reports or personal logs of his experiences. The next day, no sign of Venris Barbosa could be found, only a note left in his dormitory thanking the temple for training him.

Rumours in gang taverns and criminal nests all over Calixian Sector soon began to mill tales of unsettling bounty hunter tactics. Stories of war dogs or wolf packs, sniffing out quarries and tearing them to ribbons. Whispers about giant canines chasing down hot-rod speeders and crushing their riders. Outlandish fables about men who were also beasts, rending a dozen armed men into meaty chunks then feasting on the gory remains. But such hearsay in the underhive must always be weighed against a grain of salt.

Venris Barbosa

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