You can call me a murderer, you can judge me, and you can try to kill me. But remember it is a privilege to do so, not a right and I will try my hardest to take that privilege from you.


Build: Muscular
Height: 1.9 m
Weight: 85 kg
Eyes: Green
Hair: Shoulder Length and Black
Skin: Tan
Quirk: Filed teeth

Has also been recently “modified” with a tattoo from Zuriel, unfortunately Zuriel was not as good an artist as he thought as Sejanus is now different looking but also funny looking. Almost like a cross of Steve Buscemi and Mickey Rourke.


There I stood on the line glancing up and down it, we had been here for five minutes and told to wait another ten before advancing. Same old rhetoric, we would be hitting the enemy before they were expecting it, we would have the advantage, the filthy Xenos would fall beneath our feet. Maybe it was best not to tell men they were simply a meat grinder, or more to the truth, the meat to be ground. But then again maybe if they knew what they were up against they’d be prepared and fight harder.

Another five minutes gone and the new men were checking their equipment, another sad fact, their guns may tan the Orks at best and they would be lucky if their armour saved them from dismemberment. Us old timers had learned a thing or two and taken time to “augment” their armament, sure we may look as bad as the Orks but at least we wouldn’t die as quickly.

The first trembles begin, probably about a minute till we see them, now the men are scared, now it hits them what’s been done. Then the first greenskin breaks through getting hammered by Las fire but keeps going killing two men before an old timer takes him down. But we’re already in the thick of it by that time and I can’t waste focus on anything but the greenskin in my face.

Now it was a bloodbath, and the old timers were getting together, we knew it was time to cut and run. Someone finally showed up with a squawkbox and we were pulling out, a few chockos followed us, only two made it to the end.
Now it was our time to do it our way, sure in their eyes we were useless but stick a man in the thick of it and he lives? Well let’s just say we all knew a thing or two about surviving and killing.

Guerrilla tactics was our usual style, our other style was improvisation, of course the latter was the same for the greenskins. While they may have preferred a more “head-first” approach they had no issue dealing out death in all manners. So we fought this way trying to move back to the front line, trying not to die and a handful of us made it. Unfortunately our line was decimated when we got there, I didn’t think twice and made for the starport hoping that neither side would see me.

I made safely, well considering I was in a warzone by myself and made it there alive you could define that as safe.
Not many shuttles were left but there was one and seemed to be taking on anyone who could walk and talk and I could certainly do both. As I approached the female in charge turned to me,

“Where are you headed?”

“Well you certainly get right to it don’t you? Anyways I’m headed anywhere, I just want off this rock.”

“Of course, and how would you be able to pay us?”

“You can have my equipment, it’s done well against the greenskins. Other than that all I can offer is myself, to work that is.”

“Your equipment can stay here but you will do fine. Yes come aboard.”

“Yeah, sure but like I said, I offer myself up for work.”

“Yes, of course, that will be no issue.”

So there it is, hopefully considered a dead man, almost a free man, and for now indentured to you.


King of Kings Khadren