Sanguino of Moritat

Homeworld: Dusk (Feral World)
Age: Unknown
Gender: Male (Androgynous)
Build: Wiry
Skin: Dark
Hair: Gray
Eye: Yellow (cat eyed)

Sanguino , Assassin of the Moritat Death Cult, was trapped in a time anomaly within the Sunken Ship after a failed Inquisitorial assault against the daemon Nekaybrainanon. After nearly three hundred years of imprisonment, he was rescued and inducted by the Group of Nine to replace recent casualties. Sanguino is once again ready to serve the Imperium and spill the Blood of the Foe in the name of the Emperor.

Sanguino’s faith in the Imperium and the work of the Inquisition had not waned with his long imprisonment. Although inducted by the “Inquisitorial” Group of Nine, suspicions of the party’s true nature quickly surfaced in Sanguino’s mind. If obvious tech-heresy, demon collaboration, and outright selfish greed were not traitorous enough, the presence of the unsanctioned witch ‘Anastasia’ was too much to suffer.

While attempting to free an enslaved Adeptus Astartes from the corrupt planet of Quaddis, the Group of Nine’s true cowardice and treachery revealed itself. Transporting the captive Marine off-world via a light shuttlecraft, the party became pitched in a naval battle between Local PDF and marauding pirates. In an attempt to save her own wretched life, the witch Anastasia began to open warp portals which wracked the shuttle with chaotic phenomenon. Immediately Sanguino leapt to excise this pathetic creature from existence, but to his astonishment, his “comrades” came to her aid. Heavily outnumbered and armed only with a crude shiv, Sanguino fought ferociously but was unable to stop the rogue psyker from continuing to savage their vessel with warp horrors. Through the insane incantations of the witch, the Great and hideous Daemon Nekaybraianon was brought forth from the whirling maelstrom. Betrayed and surrounded by enemies, Sanguino selflessly threw himself at the hulking abomination with saintly fervor. Tendrils of warp time slowly enveloped him as his former companions fled through the witch’s portal.

Locked eternally in his last moments of rage and anguish, Sanguino was dragged into the warp by his daemonic nemesis. Unimaginable eons now crawl past as Nekaybraianon feeds off the intense anger and hate of Sanguino’s fall. Bit by bit, piece by piece, he will gradually become slave to the Blood God. Honed over timeless millennia he is being sharpened into the perfect blade of vengeance. One day, he will slip out of the warp to stalk his prey from the shadows. The betrayers will not see the assassin’s edge, but they will feel their blood rush into the waiting chalice of Khorne.

Sanguino strictly follows the Creed of Moritat in combat:

I- Sanguine Imperatoris (Blood for the Emperor):
Whenever possible, stun, cripple, or knock out your target before dealing the perfect killing blow, leaving them to exsanguinate in the bloodiest way possible.

II- Viscus Serpentis (Heart of the Serpent)
Whenever possible, target the enemy leader for assassination. Do not waste your skills on subordinates.

III- Turpis Votum (Unseen Prayer)
If you suffer a wound in combat, you have failed as an assassin. If possible Disengage and hide for 1d5-1 rounds before re-engaging.

IV- Mortis Solitaire (Solitary Death)
If an ally kills the target you were fighting, refuse to aid them in combat for the rest of the session. WP test each round to ignore.

Notable Accomplishments:
-Wielder of the Luminous Reproach
-Reportedly slew the greater daemon, Nekaybrainanon


Creedo Moritatum

Blessed be those who bask in the Holy Emperor’s divine Sacrifice. He, who gave His mortal vessel to save the souls of His children from the malevolent jaws of the Ruinous Powers.

His Blood flows through the veins of His children. The Blood of the Martyr, the Blood of the Sufferer, and the Blood of Man will be venerated by the Blood of the Foe.

I- Sanguine Imperatoris:
“With the Blade of the Moritat, His eternal heart shall drink deep from the Crimson Fountain, and the Lord of Martyrs shall smile upon His most beloved children.”

Let the hearts of the Damned weep for Him, like rivers into the sea. Every tear, a prayer to His glorious Sacrifice. Let not a droplet be withheld from His Ruby Goblet.

II- Viscus Serpentis
“By the Scales of the Moritat, He shall weigh the Blood of the Innocent against that of the Unclean and tip His Crown in sorrow.”

The Blood of the Foe swells only from his perverse bosom as ichor from a cyst. Strike not at the extremities of Shadow, but seek out the heart of the Serpent and open it to His majestic Light.

III- Turpis Votum
“Through the Shroud of the Moritat, He shall gaze upon the faces of the Wicked delivered unto Him and His divine Justice shall be Pure and Immaculate.”

Let no stain of disgrace befoul His offering, and let not the taste of defeat darken His most holy of Prayers.

IV- Mortis Solitaire
“In the Honour of the Moritat, He shall bear witness to the Prayers given unto Him and bestow his most exalted Blessings upon those judged worthy though the eyes of the Throne.”

Let no hand steal away the gift of His grace. Victory through Suffering shall be the greatest trophy one may earn in His mortal Imperium.


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