Bounty Hunter, Techpriest, Explorator, not exactly the guy you want for HR


Jace Tarkus was born and raised on the ship ‘The Echo’ a relatively small ship that was part of a small mining fleet operating just on the outskirts of Sigurd IV.

Jace quickly learned that life consisted of pain and violence; the mining fleet his family was indentured to was often under attack by void pirates looking to make off with precious ores and slaves. In his adolescence, the fleet enlisted him into the boarding party defense (the pirates common tactic was to disable ships, board and pillage supplies often murdering and taking captives). Jace lost many friends in the defense of the fleet and quickly learned that the only friend he could trust not to die on him was a handy gun by his side. The fleet was eventually whittled down by the pirates and ‘The Echo’ was destroyed in one of the Pirate’s more brutal attacks. Jace managed to barely escape with his life in a shuttle that was damaged and thrown from the explosion, his family however was not as lucky.

A far off passing ship managed to retrieve Jace from his damaged shuttle before it bled entirely of it’s oxygen, Jace was seriously wounded from previous fights and was now suffering depressurization, his condition was extremely severe. Luckily a techpriest by the name of the Inoculated who was onboard the passing ship saw something in this young man and gave him the blessings of the Omnissiah to save his life, a hermetic infusion and mechanicus implants quickly brought Jace from death’s doorstep to more than a man.

With no-where else to turn, for the next several years Jace quickly embraced the teachings of the Omnissiah under the tutelage of the Inoculated, but solemnly swore revenge on the pirates that killed his former self. Jace took on the sir name of Echo to acknowledge his past life was dead but also in remembrance of his fallen friends and family.

Over time, Jace picked up knowledge of the pirates, gathered funds and cogitated a plan to infiltrate and assassinate the pirate leader Zakka. He took on the life of a criminal to work his way into the void pirate’s domain. Once in the presence of the Pirate captain Zakka, Jace had little reason for restraint or tact and without fear or hesitation went all out guns blazing. Jace successfully took his revenge (including Zakka’s head) and managed to escape.

Later Jace took on the life of a bounty hunter and became quite good at it thanks to the various implants he had received and a little help from his new pet servo-skull Zakka. On completion of Jace’s most recent bounty hunting mission, he was found and enlisted by one of the Other Nine for life on the Outpost.


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