Heretical Techpriest and current Ally


The Inoculated is an imposing sight of metal and wires, barely recognizeable as human. He was met during the Auction at the House of Dust and Ash as one of the bidders. During the proceedings he was recognized by Jace, who had once had the Innoculated as a mentor (before the Inoculated turned to techheresy).
Later, during the battle between Reesis’ Group and several of the more heretical auction patrons, the Inoculated called upon his former student to help him purge the Inquisition. Jace was reluctant to stay within the firefight, but stayed true to his former mentor, even going so far as to defend him against Coriolanus Vestra. Due to this, the Inoculated has stayed with the group as an ally.
He has recently requested that the group help him relocate his sanctuary off of Solomon and has offered his expertise and knowledge in return.

(side note by Jace) “His face is on upside down…”


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