Coriolanus Vestra

A notorios heretic who works with various groups to undermine the integrity of the Imperium.


Brother Missionary Coriolanus Vestra was a loyal, even revered, Imperial Missionary who fought to bring the light of the Emperor to those who knew it not. His zeal was marked by his superiors-Cardinal Fortis noted on several occassions how Vestra undertook missions in totally uncharted regions of space, always returning to bring news of thousands of new followers of the Imperial Creed. The final mission undertaken by Vestra records that he ventured into the Halo Stars in search of human communities lost for millennia. He did not return and was presumed to have perished.
What exactly occurred to Vestra on his journey into the Halo Stars is not known, but it can be easily inferred that something occurred that caused him to break his faith and turn him against the Imperium that he had so devoutly served. The fact that Vestra uses the phrase “bathed in the light of the black sun” in some of his blasphemous addressed, has been the focus of much analysis and may pertain to some dark revelation that turned Vestra into the arch-heretic he is today.
Fifty years after his disappearance, Coriolanus Vestra secretly returned to Imperial space. He slipped onto the world of Lassiv in distant Hecuba, a dishevelled shadow among many. Two years of meticulous and brutal endeavor saw Vestra dedicating Lassiv and the souls of its people to the ruination of the Emperor’s realm from beneath the banner topped with the planetary governeor’s severed head. It was not, however until after ten more years, three befouled worlds, and countles acts of heresy that the true identity of th arch-corruptor was uncovered. The anger and shame of the Ecclesiarchy has not abated in the eight decades that have passed since that revelation.
Coriolanus Vestra’s chief treachery is his association with a great number of cults and heretical organizations. He is however, only ever a peripheral figure and an intermediary who prefers to work alone as a freelance agent of sorts for the duration of a particular task or objective. He often incites rebellion through demagoguery and acts as a go-between and facilitator for different heretical and malefic cults in order to create a larger force of disorder.
Coriolanus Vestra’s spite and zeal in persecuting his personal war against the Imperium cannot be doubted. It is unknown if Vestra, beyond a desire to simply bring anarchy and destruction, has any discernable grand scheme.

The group met Vestra as one of the many guests of the auction at the House of Dust and Ash on Solomon. He came accompanied by nine servitors of various types and kept mostly to himself. He acquired many items through the auction, primarily focusing on the more unusual smaller lots, and those items of obvious heretical bent such as the Blood Sword. He attacked the Innoculated at one point to secure another item, though the exact target was not identified. Later, at the conclusion of the adventure he showed up to steal the airship, and rob the surviving patrons of the auction. A battle between him, and the combined forces of Reesis’s group, Claire Belasco, Regent Coriophilus, Vymer and Quill and Albia began just as your group left through a warp portal.

The group later met Vestra as they were working towards trying to save Scintilla, he and a man rumoured to be Ozymandias were heading up the terrorists threatening to cut power to the entire Hive Sibellus. It was during this battle that the group found out the Vestra was using the “generator” to power one of the items from the Auction. It was his plan to lure thousands of souls with this item, then enacting a ritual to use these souls as portals for demons to enter from the Warp. The group manage to stall and then kill Vestra, only allowing 3 demons to enter as well, thus thwarting Vestra’s plans and as well regaining control of the “generator”.

Coriolanus Vestra

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