Claire Belasco

Noble scion of the corrupt Belasco House


Killed on Quaddis by the Tyrant Star.


Claire Belasco, of the corrupt House Belasco was one of the participants at the Auction in the House of Dust and Ash. Claire made several attempts to have the group turn against Rubio (Notably approaching Victus and Jimmy through agents). Later she allied with Vymer and Quill, adding more credence to the theory that they were here to kill Rubio. Claire got out of the auction with several items, including mining rights to the Sek Met asteroid fields, the Bloody Seal.
At the end of the Auction she was seen allied with Regent Coriophilus, Vymer and Quill, and Reesis’ team. Before you left the isle through the warp portal you saw that group begin a conflict with Vestra and his servitors.

Claire Belasco

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