Blue Steel

The gun is mightier than the sword


Homeworld: Middle Hive
Age: 41
Gender: Male
Build: Lanky
Height : 1.8 m
Weight: 65 kg
Skin: Fair
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Grey

Blue Steel, Procurer Extraordinaire, Possible Acolyte of Daemonhunter Ahmazzi, Reforger of the Luminous Reproach and overall nice guy.


Arbite Record on criminal known as “Blue Steel”

D.O.B – 6347551.M41

Place of Birth – Belahaam

Last known location: Hive Tarsus, in custody of Arbite officals.


Mother – Unknown
Father – Quint Gaius, Born: 3999500.M41 Died: Unknown

Spouses: None
Children: None

Marital Status: Married

Known Aliases:

Blue Steel
Thaddeus Lazarz

Known Associates:

Middle hive gangs of Hive Tarsus:
Death Doctors
Death Dealers
High Rolling 5s
High Rolling 6s
High Rolling 7s
Men Of Mayhem
Boys of Commotion
The Gang

Noble Families:
House Syversen
House Xia
House Belasco – correction “Rumoured”

Crimes associated with:

6347551.M41 – Theft of unidentified remains
5400551.M41 – Aggravated assault
6654551.M41 – Aggravated assault
6763551.M41 – Aggravated assault
6999551.M41 – Forcible entry
6999551.M41 – Attempted murder
4006552.M41 – Export and Import of firearms
5120552.M41 – Fabricating evidence
6356552.M41 – Resisting Arrest
5004554.M41 – Kidnapping
5060554.M41 – Kidnapping
6493555.M41 – Identity Theft
5032556.M41 – Identity Fraud
4699556.M41 – Criminal interest rate

Arresting Officer’s Report:

We had been given a tip on individuals who were invovled with >removed<. Upon arriving at the location we were met with no resistance and there were no guards. Feeling that this may have been a trap or at the very least a dead end, we took precautions having only myself and Arbite Jenkins entered at first. Finding a suitable side enterance we entered carefully wary of the dangers that may have been inside.

Fortunately we soon found why we were not bothered by the men here, anyone that was on this first level had been killed. At this time we heard commotion and then bolt shots fired from above us. Jenkins and I immediately headed up while voxing for the rest of the team to enter and also to secure the exits.

At arriving of the scene of where the shots were fired we encountered the man known as Blue Steel. >removed<. We then exited the building with Blue Steel in custody. Arriving back at the station with no further complications we were approached by Provost Novus who took Blue Steel into his custody. His identification was valid and knew all the proper procedure, it is in this officer’s opinion >and that of his commander< that anyone would have made this mistake.

Blue Steel

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