Alexandra Rubio

Down on her luck Rogue Trader with blood ties to the Haarlocks.


Rubio is a young athletic woman who inherited her fathers Warrant of Trade too soon. She is intuitive and capable, but still inexperienced and perhaps acts to quickly. Her goal is to regain the status of her Rogue Trader lineage which has declined to near ruin in recent times.

Trouble had begun long before she was even born when the Noble House of Belasco began a campaign to strip the fortunes of the Rubio’s. What began with political intrigue, lead to sabotage and eventually the assassination of Rubio’s father years ago. This last act nearly destroyed the line, as young Alexandra was thrust into the position as head of the Warrant far too young. Most of the experienced crew abandoned the Ozymandias and left Rubio to her decline.

She would not go down lightly however, and is determined to do anything to restore her house. It is because of this resolve, that when the very dangerous opportunity to attend the auction at the House of Dust and Ash came about, she jumped at the chance. All she needed was a capable group of bodyguards..

Alexandra Rubio

King of Kings ETP