Albia Quintella


From the diary of Albia Quintilla
Entry 261:
mommy and daddy aren’t coming home, not ever at least that’s what their friends say and everyone who showed up at the funeral. What am I going to do?

Entry 265:

I’ve arrived that the special school today, they said I won’t have to worry about nothing expect my schoolwork. I’m glad someone’s going to take care of me and also all the kids here have lost their mommies and daddies too. I hope I make friends soon, I miss you mommy and daddy.

Entry 317:

School has been fun I’ve learned so much and heard because of this we’ll get to protect people and serve the Emperor himself. Also that mommy and daddy are with Him now and through what I’m doing when I die I’ll get to see him and them.

Entry 350:

Wow I forgot I had this silly thing, looking back through it I laughed, but also cried. In all my preparations for graduation and in my growing love for Him I forgot about them. He is the most important thing but I cannot forget mom and dad not when they gave so much for me. I hope I do not dishonour their memories from here on out.

Entry 351:

Graduated, finally last year felt like it was never going to end. Do not know why I am writing in this again, I guess I am worried where I will be placed. I know all my teachers have said my never ending devotion to the Emperor will land me and most of my “sisters” with the Adeptus Sororitas. But I fear the bonds I have made with my fellow “sisters” could be lost if I get sent to the Navy. This “diary” may be my only “sister” for a while if that happens.

Entry 356:

Such foolishness to be had worrying where I would be placed, my service is to the Emperor and where He decides I would be best used is the best for me. Also my parents were Navy I think they would have been proud if I were to follow in their footsteps. But no matter I am where I am and I do believe this will work nicely for me.

Entry 357:
Again I have left this diary alone for some time but fall back to it when I feel no one else would understand or could understand what I feel. What happened in the last mission was not my fault regardless of the whispers and rumours that one can catch. I get that the loss of my whole squad excluding me in these matters is suspect but we with Inquisition can anyone really think they would have allowed any taint to escape? That and they did not see what was there, did not have their sisters…

No, to dwell on these things is to let them control you.

Entry 358:

The Inquisition themselves have sent me a letter the contents are suspect but they are an organization known for their secrecy. Tomorrow when we ship out I am to board I different vessel of course and not mention this at all. This is all the message says, nothing to show for if anyone questions me.

Entry 359:

A test of course, that has to explain it, everyone else was in on what was happening and I the outsider. Seeing what I would do in the situation, if I had broken down and told others, failure. I need to stop this doubt, to not, is to allow the corruption of heresy into my heart. His love and their love is all that is needed and allowed in my heart.

Entry 400:

I am so glad I brought this with me and so glad I am back to write in it. Something is wrong with me, some sort of taint. I can only hope that I can be rid of it soon, the others would not understand and Anastasia sister of mine, she…

No matter, next mission I do what is in my power to rid myself of the taint. If there no chance to, I can only hope my hand stays strong to permanently end this. Emperor, deliver us.

Albia had been driven from the group on Solomon during the Auction. She had made a deal with Reesis Ravion to help persuade the group to hand over any heretical items that they might have in their possession by the end of the auction. At a later point when the Scions of Haarlock were to be revealed Zuriel but into action a plan to get Reesis killed. Albia seeing no other chance other then to flee the group and save Reesis to save herself did so, abandoning all ties with them from that point on.

It was later during the events in Hive Sibellus that the group encountered Albia again, it was lucky for them though as the only member Albia knew who was present, was Jace. And at this point with his augmention and unfortunate weight gain Albia was not able to recongize Jace.

It was also Albia who dealt the killing blow to Coriolanus Vestra and quite possibly saved them in the process.

Albia Quintella

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