Admiral Venser

Book dealer from Arastus Division that Zuriel got killed.


Admiral Venser owned Venser’s Books, a store in the Arastus Division. Zuriel met with him in order to procure rare texts. The man appeared paranoid, and perhaps insane. Upon being asked about heretical texts he became suspicious, and feared that Zuriel was there to hunt him down. Venser claimed that he was a rogue inquisitorial agent after Zuriel gained his confidence. After dealing with Venser for the Binding of Secrets and a xeno lore book Zuriel left and informed both Albia and Anastasia that Venser was a heretic. In the insuing brief encounter Venser was killed. His last words were a curse to “your master in the inquisition. May she rot in hell”.

Yes, in case you were wondering, Zuriel is a dick like that. Don’t ever let him know you’re hoarding heretical texts, he’d betray his own mother for those…

Admiral Venser

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