Cord Luntz

Gang leader from Coscarla


Chord Luntz is the leader of the Blood Reavers, a gang of drug dealers from the Coscarla Division of Hive Sibellus on Scintilla. He and his men had made a deal with the Chirurgeon, which supplied them with the drug Satis for help in her research. However, the deal was turning bad, as her insatiable need for fresh victims was causing trouble that the gang could not afford.
His interactions with the group were strained by the actions of Jimmy, who wore a fully loaded suit of explosives to meet with the Reavers. In an effort to get rid of what he believed was a dangerous psychopath, he paid the group to assault the Chirugeon, thus eliminating two of his troubles in one go. The group not only succeeded in defeating the Chirurgeon, but caused her entire facility to explode, cementing the idea that the group was full of dangerous arsonists and lunatics. The fact that her facility happened to be Alms House, which supplied food for the poor made the group look even more callous. Furthermore, shortly after this, the ceiling of the Division over the Coscarla Market caved in causing immense damage and fear throughout the district.
The possibility that this event was connected to the explosive weilding psychopaths was too much, and when Reesis and his group arrived in the Division, Chord cut a deal. Chord Luntz set up the group, staging a ‘deal’ which would seperate several members so that Reesis’ men could capture them.
This went south however, when the group managed to not only escape, but also end the lives of the two Inquisitorial Agents sent against them.
Chord, panicked and defeated, did the only thing he could; He gathered up all of his resources to buy off the group. This he did by paying for all the weapons that the group required despite the crippling effect this had on the Blood Reavers finances.
Every day he prays that the group never returns.


Cord Luntz

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