King of Kings

A Brief History of Time

The story so far.

In times prior to induction into the Inquisition each member of the group was seperately involved in an incident in which they came to the attention of the Other Nine. These men and women were working as an Inquisitorial Cell for the mysterious Inquisitor Ozymandias.

Some time later each member was inducted into service of the inquisition through unknown channels, and forced upon ships which would take them to their new base of operations. With little to know training or explaination they were dumped aboard the Outpost together. The Other Nine showed up shortly thereafter and gave the group a crash course in their duties and the three rules they must follow at all times. They left after an all too brief meeting and the group was left on their own.

Searching the Outpost lead to several unusual discoveries, including unheard of tech, and spacial distortions. They were not able to investigate very much however until the first mission brief arrived. They were to board the Charon and head to the Thaen Division in Hive Sibellus on the capitol planet of Scintilla, there they would receive further instructions within a designated storage locker.

The locker contained two mission packs and a small amount of supplies for the group. The first mission pack commanded them to travel to the Arastus Division; secure explosives from a stash in the Storage Colonnades; finally utilizing them to bring down one specific great stone archway within the Division.

The second brief dealt with a mission to procure a large quanity of weapons and secure them as a secret weapons stash within the Coscarla Division.

The group split ways at this point, with half the group tackling the first mission (which had a tighter deadline for completion), while the second half began to set the groundwork for the second mission (which would take considerably longer).

The missions were each a success, but the grand objective of each was still a mystery. The Archway fell within the Arastus Forums, a center of government within this portion of the Hive, killing not only many prominent political figures (including the Coscarla Grand Prefect), but also a visiting member of the Adeptes Astartes from the Lamentors Chapter. Furthermore, the Archway fell through the floor of the Arastus Division down into the Coscarla Division.

In the fallout, the Coscarla Division was left mostly unpowered, and with the Grand Prefect of the Division dead, it was also ungoverned. This lead to two other occurances: Firstly the destruction of the Archway brought not only Arbites investigators to the fore, but saw a group of Inquisitorial Acolytes sent to as well. This team, led by Reesis Ravion encountered, and was nearly killed by your group, with only Reesis left alive. Secondly, it resulted in the sealing off of the entire Coscarla Division as it was deemed too costly to repair, and no government official was available to inact any measures to save it.

The group escaped through the Underhive at the end of their mission back into the safety of the Thaen Division where they would hide out for the week remaining until their transport was prepared to receive them.

During this time several events were initiated by members of the group.
Jimmy spent the time gambling, and mostly losing and acquiring several hits of Satis, a drug to which he would become addicted.
Arla and Victus carried out two assassinations for the Thaen crime boss Draxus including a sniper kill on a man who witnesses would later say bled insects (Veemis Rammel).
Anastasia and Albia Quintella did a job for the Ecclesiarchy by tracking down the seer Enoch within the Arastus Division and later helped Zuriel in his tasks.
Zuriel tracked down a heretical text from a bookdealer named Admiral Venser and later had the man killed as a heretic, while pocketing the tome for himself. He further ventured with his teammates on the Enoch mission, and convinced the group to follow up on one of the seers prophecies.
This brought the entire group to the Four Trades in Arastus where they found a heretical group within the Seven Serpants tattoo parlour, being lead by a sorcerer named Ophidian. Despite Arla being lured into a pact with the sorceror in return for healing her burned skin, the group managed to destroy the heretic and escaped the ensuing Arbites patrol to make it back up to Thaen.

Leaving the planet aboard the Charon they became aware of the sinister method the ship uses for restocking its slave crew. It had taken aboard several groups of desperate men and women who desired to escape the horrors of their life on Scintilla.

Returning to the Outpost they found that tensions had risen between the two members of their group who had stayed behind as monitors. Sloccum, an imperial cleric, had become convinced that Greavis (an astropath) was trying to drive him insane. The cleric had spent the last several weeks within the duct-work and between floors spying on his former ally. The group managed to seemingly diffuse this situation and calm the men before their next mission arrived along with the transport that would take them there.

The ships name was The Ozymandias, an odd coincidence considering it shares a name with their very inquisitor. The captain of the ship was a young woman named Alexandra Rubio. Her rogue trader dynasty was in terminal decline, and, as she explained to the group, she had only one hope of regaining stature: Taking a dangerous forray into the auction at the House of Dust and Ash on Solomon. She lacked qualified staff and bodyguards, and so in a risky move, she propositioned the group to help her for a hefty sum of money. As their own mission would not be compromised by helping, they accepted.

The auction turned out to be a trap, set up to ensnare those with blood ties to the Haarlock Lineage (of which Alexandra Rubio was one). Many of the patrons were dangerous in their own rights aswell, including Reesis’ Group and the vile Xeno Master Nonesuch It was only through the groups tireless efforts and ingenuity that they escaped alive. During the mission Albia Quintella abandoned the group, taking Reesis Ravion’s offer to help her rid herself of her psychic affliction. The group did however pick up several new allies, including new group member Blue Steel.

After the auction the group had to achieve their mission, which was the properly timed detonation of the Sunken Ship, a mostly submerged starship within the toxic wastes of Solomon. They arrived to find the ship surrounded by PDF troopers, having been the hideout of a heretical cult. New member Blue Steel managed to convince the PDF to allow them to enter by posing as an acolyte under Inquisitor Ahmazzi. The PDF warned the group of the corruption within, and they prepared for the worst.

Within the ship they found a Daemonic entity known as Nekaybraianon which could disrupt time. Due to the sacrifice of Jimmy the group managed to destroy the daemon’s minions and in so doing also uncovered the bodies of a former Inquisitorial team, which had attemped to kill Nekaybraianon centuries ago, before the ship had crashed. Through the strange nature of the time corrupting daemon, one of the bodies was still alive. This person turned out to be an imperial Assassin who worked for the Inquisition named Sanguino. He provided the group with much information on the Sunken Ship, including the mindboggling detail that the Sunken Ship was itself called The Ozymandias. With Sanguino‘s help the group destroyed the Daemon Nekaybraianon. Although some doubt the veracity of its seeming demise, as the killing seemed far too easy, and Blue Steel’s involvment in the act appeared suspect.

As for the mission itself, several other pieces of information came to light which caused much consternation. Firstly, they learned through the PDF that an Inquisitor was due to arrive at the scene at the same time as they were ordered to cause the ship to explode. Secondly, visions were granted to them of a vast complex underneath the Sunken Ship which housed gargantuan war machines. The vision showed the machines reawakening after the destruction of the ship, and also lead the group to believe the such a destruction was inevitable.

The group chose to blow the ship up prematurely, in order to save the Inquisitor, who hopefully would then be able to rally help against the Titan war machines. They left the ship and called all of the PDF in the area to retreat to safe distances before the explosion. The group then left by shuttle.

Leaving the sight of the sunken ship the group met up with the Inoculated in Hive Wrath, previous to embarking on the mission to destroy the Sunken Ship the group had agreed to help relocate the fugitive and much of his research facility. Upon departing the planet, an Inquisitor’s ship was seen entering the system and signs of high alert had been appearing on the planets surface. Apparently the job was well done and the team upon The Ozymandias was off.

The first stop was the planet Sophano Prime a mining planet suitable for the Inoculated’s plans. During the two month long voyage to and from the planet Victus opened the The Unopened Box revealing a fist sized lump of black metal with unidentifiable properties. The Inoculated and Jace conducted various experiments to determine the properties and purposes of various items such as the The Ice Ring, objects containing the black metal and The Red Button. Anastasia and Blue Steel fell victim to their darker carnal needs and Zuriel performed dark rituals to obtain lost knowledge as well as augmented Jace with new upgrades and Arla was seen hitting on all the boys on the ship.

Arrival to the outpost was met with confusion as Greavis and Sloccum appeared to have been stuck in time. Little did the members realize that they had previously visited the Outpost uncovered dark secrets of Greavis, Anastasia and The Red Button. Unfortunately this progress was set back when Anastasia in an effort to escape the judgemental of the team, pressed The Red Button sending everyone back through time to the moment before entering the station.

Brushing off the feeling of Deja-vu the team settled on the station without incident. Jace inputted the Mission Log – Sunken Ship and found a new mission waiting. According to the date on the computer, the message was apparently from the future (more appropriately, their current time, as the station was sent back in time). The Charon was spotted entering the system, The Ozymandias left and the team shortly after departed on the Charon for the planet Quaddis.

Mission Log – Sunken Ship

And now we are caught up.



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