King of Kings

there and back again

The first time the group had come to Quaddis they had heard a distress call on the Charon from a merchant trader that had been damaged approaching the system. The first time they came here they considered it of no real value and left it be, however, this time the group was determined to make different choices and decided to follow up on this in case it held any significance.

Taking their shuttle they found the merchant ship had come under obvious attack by another starship. The ships markings showed that it had come from Jaces home system, and with the information they knew about the attacking fleet from the last time they were here, they were able to piece together that this ship was attacked by that very fleet, and that it was this ship they were probably following to get here.

Inside the ship they found the scene of a grisly massacre. Not only had the ship been boarded by their attackers, but during their escape it had fallen into the warp without proper shielding. Everyone who ran the ship was long dead. The distress call was automated. Searching further in the ship they found the most secure and fully powered area was a cryo storage unit. This area of the ship was the most intact as it was the most important and heavily defended. Furthermore, the majority of the occupants of the stasis were still in pristine condition.

As it turns out this ship, under the guise of a simple merchant trader, was in fact a front for the Beast House, a criminal syndicate that trades in exotic, and incredibly illegal Xenos creatures. It was on its way to Quaddis to stock up the various fighting arenas for the rich and sick nobles.

There was also a second type of stasis prisoner; dangerous men and women who were being transported to be handed over for bounties. Jace, scanning the registry found two names that he recognized, former colleagues who had helped him in his own days as a bounty hunter. They were brothers and psykers. Jace freed the Barbosa brothers, who in gratitude and friendship to Jace decided to help the group on their mission.

Once on the planet, the group knew that time was against them. They had only days before the Chaos Battleships would arrive and begin tearing up all the ships in orbit, including their ride home, the Charon.

They were careful this time to avoid the space marine, fearing that the Chaos marines unusual nature would permit him some memory of the alternate reality. Instead they focused on the task of tracking down the inquisitor. The Beast House became their primary target, and it wasn’t long before the agents of that organization caught on and began targetting the group. However, the skill and psychic power of the group allowed them to get the better of this threat.
They tracked down the White Scholar, who was an agent of the Inquisitor they came to find. He had disconcerting information however about the true dangers of Quaddis and its connection to the Haarlock legacy. The threat of the great conjunction loomed, which could consume the entire planet.

The group needed more information, and followed a trail to an ancient creature called the Spider Bride to get it. She demanded a service for her information, despite taking an interest in Zuriel. The service was delivery of a gift to Papa Grist. The gift, as the group surmised, was a trap for him, however, the information was too valuable, so they agreed to her terms. They managed to deliver the lethal gift and escape.

The bride told the group that a daemonic entity bound to the Haarlocks was using the blood of the Haarlocks to summon the Tyrant Star to Quaddis during this conjunction. Her real goal was to free the Widower daemon, whom she believed would be able to eventually free her as well. This task she gave to Zuriel, along with an amulet, which she said would grant him great powers, to be like her, only free. This event was to take place at the center of the city, in Haarlocks old estate during the largest party in a city full of revelry.

It was a party nobody would soon forget (and few would live through)



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