King of Kings

The Battle Continues

lets all shake the hornets nest!

The group arrives on Quaddis and spends their first day getting a lay of the land. They wander about the city of Xicarph and shop for items in the various markets. Blue Steel encounters a man that he knows, Tiberius Godfall, who works for Ickthus Belasco. Through Tiberius the group is invited to the party at Ickthus’ estate.

Later that night they arrive at the party. Zuriel gets into the party by giving a sample of Satis to the doorman, who runs off with his newfound wealth only to be followed by Victus. Victus follows the doorman to an alley, wherein the doorman is assaulted by a shadowy creature, which tears him entirely in half before departing as mysteriously as it appeared. Victus grabs the Satis from the corpse and leaves.

In the party Arla manages to attract several nobles who believe her to be a working girl (due to her new fur bikini) and she pummels the men into unconciousness for their troubles. Zuriel uses another vial of Satis to ingratiate himself to Ickthus Belasco and goes down to the basement labs to help divide up the doses. Blue Steel speaks with Ickthus the whole night, and helps to entertain the nobles. The group stays the night drinking and partying.

The next day the group travels north to the Arenas, in particular the Fates Wheel, where they heard that a great black market trade is to be found. In addition to making some purchases Sanguino competes in one of the afternoon gladiator matches. His skill in the arena grant him an invite to compete for greater wealth in the evening matches against harder foes.

Sanguino does in fact remain to fight later that evening and wins several battles in decisive fashion, not even sustaining a single injury. The crowd loves this display of skill and ferocity and begins chanting for him to face “The Monster”. Crackmarrow, one of Papa Grist’s enforcers makes an offer of 25,000 gelt for this battle, as well as offering to help supply them with whatever they want, in payment for having a suitable challenge for “the Monster”. After a long negotiation, Sanguino agrees.
The groups fears are made real, when not only is “the Monster” a frightening individual, standing over 8 feet tall, with incredible muscles, who needs to be blinded and bound one arm behind its back to be challenged, but it turns out this creature may in fact be an Adeptus Astartes.

Sanguino tells his fellow gladiator that he will help free him, and the two begin to make a show of their fight, secretly trying to remove the bonds on the marine’s arm. The rest of the group makes their way down below to where the gate controls of the arena are. The group kills the guards, Sanguino and the Monster meet them underground and they begin fighting off Papa Grist‘s henchmen. Crackmarrow is killed, as are over a dozen guardsmen before the group find themselves at an enpasse. They are only able to sneak one member out of the underground area before being cornered there. They choose Blue Steel, in the hopes that he could get help through Ickthus Belasco.
The remaining group uses Anastasia’s unique teleportation ability to reclaim the equipment they had to check at the door, and attempt to stall by sending her up again to negotiate. This does not go well, as she tells them that the group are Inquisition, and Bliss, the psyker goes to use his powers on Anastasia to check her story. She teleports away instead of letting that happen and Papa Grist gets desperate. He seals off the underground facility, and lets loose all of his fighting creatures to kill the group, as well as later pumping poison gas.

Help arrives just in time however, as Ickthus Belasco, with permission from Regent Coriophilus storms the Fates Wheel and frees the team.
Back at Ickthus’ estate tensions are at a high. The estate, once taken up purely for revelry is now locked down with squads of Belasco Guards in case of reprisal. Ickthus takes his friend Blue to a secure area to talk about what must be done in order to keep Quaddis free of Astartes retaliation and Imperial control. In the end he convinces Blue to help him sweep the situation under the rug by destroying the marine, aswell as handing over any members of the group that are likely not going to go along with the cover up. Blue names Sanguino and Zuriel….

Whether this betrayal will come to light, and who will survive it are unknown. for now…



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