King of Kings

of pasts forgotten

The Belasco house prepares to destroy Zuriel and Sanguino by splitting the party up to complete several key objectives. Zuriel is sent with Anastasia and a group of Belasco soldiers to hunt down the xeno drug merchant (as this was what the team claimed as their mission on the planet as a cover). Secondly a group including Sanguino is sent to ferry the space marine safely to the space port wherein he will be taken off the planet to a ship that will see him safely home.
The rest of the group accompanies Ickthus to settle things with papa grist to ensure that no more retaliation will be done.

Of course the first two are traps for the members that Blue had selected to be killed, and the third inevitably goes wrong.
During the drug cartel mission Zuriel and Anastasia are lead down into the hidden basement of Lee and Mere’s Antiques to purchase a large cache of xeno drugs under the guise of working for the Belascos. However, this is a trap, as the dealer has been informed by Belasco about Zuriel and has payed the drug dealers to perform the hit for him. Thus, at the conclusion of the deal, just before the Zuriel reaches the stairs the blast door closes, leaving him in with the dealer and his minions. Above the door Zuriel sees the sign “you are now leaving the Satis Factory”. The irony here is that Zuriel was given a fortune telling, that he would die in the merely satisfactory, which it turns out was actually the Lee and Mere’s Satis Factory.
However, the belascos and the xeno dealers did not count on Anastasias remarkable teleportation ability and she is able to enter back into the basement to help Zuriel.
During this battle Zuriel is thrust through a portal created by Anastasia and Anastasia herself is apparently killed.

Sanguino reaches the port with the space marine and goes onboard the shuttle with him in order to ensure his safe return. During the flight up however an unusual occurance takes place. A portal opens, hurtling Zuriel, near dead, into the shuttle. The warp energy released by the portal kills the pilot of the shuttle and the group look to be in serious danger. Zuriel is awakened in time, but rather than continuing up to the large spaceship, he decides to land the ship back on planet. This is a fortunate move, as unbeknownst to Sanguino and the Marine, the ship was given orders by Belasco to destroy the tiny shuttle with its occupants.

The third party planning on going to see Papa Grist takes a detour to pick up the other Belaso heir on the planet, Claire, as well as the Regent Coriophilus in order to settle the issues. This is where the shit his the proverbial fan, as the Regent is a man with near perfect recall, and is able to instantly recognize several of the members as being the rogue inquisitorial agents who caused havok during the incident at the Auction.

After making a show of calling off Papa Grist the team is brought back to the Belasco headquarters, and rounded up by Belasco guards. They are taken to the port wherein the remaining group is also rounded up. Anastasia turns up as well, despite the players knowing that she should be deceased. Everyone is securely manacled (the marine doubly so) and taken aboard a prison shuttle, which will now deliver every one of them to the inquisition (Regent Coriophilus and the Belascos are hoping that in delivering these criminals their planet can be spared the Inquisitions wrath).

However, once again fortune plays its tricks on the schemers as during the transit several Battlecruisers warp into realspace and begin firing on the vessels and defenses in orbit. The ships identify themselves as raiders of the very clan that Jace had believed he had once destroyed. Regardless, they are incredibly well armed and dangerous.

Within this confusion the group affects an escape of sorts. This entailed amongst other things, Anastasia accidentally duplicating herself, and summoning several daemons into the hold. To make matters even worse, the space marine that the group had been trying to save identifies itself as a servant of chaos, rather than a loyalist. The final straw has Blue call upon the greater Daemon Nekabraiyanon, which manifests into Anastation, destroying one of her bodies (and freeing her of the last of her precious fate points).

Nekabraiyanon destroys the soul of Sanguino utterly and warps him into a hideous servant, taking great pleasure in killing the Only pure-hearted member of this team.

In one last ditch effort to save herself and the team Anastasia risks everything to create a gate all the way back to the station.

It succeeds… mostly.

The group arrives at the station aboard the Charon at the very moment at which they would have entered the Charon to begin the very mission they escaped from. They enter the station feeling the ghostly essences of their own past go through them, remembering that when they went to this mission this was the same feeling they had gotten, only in reverse…. Yes this hurts my brain too.

The group feels different somehow, as though they had co-opted a different version of themselves, or different reality. They have the ghostly wisps of memories of having completed their mission (rather than the total failure that it turned out to be) in another reality. They now have an option. They can let the Charon leave, in which what they just did will remain, or they can re-enter the Charon and try the mission anew, with the information that they have gathered.

The group realing from the failure they had endured, decides to re enter the Charon, positive that This time they can do better and save face.

They totally don’t.
End Spoiler



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