Welcome to King of Kings, a Dark Heresy campaign of mystery and deception within the Calixis Sector. Players are thrust into the services of a mysterious inquisitor whos motives and methods appear beyond radical, perhaps entirely heretical. Complicating matters are a series of connections unearthed between the players’ missions and the ancient and accursed Haarlock Legacy.

The Calixis Sector is a dark and dangerous place at the best of times, with many secrets and pitfalls for the unwarey. Xenos hunt in the shadows for the flesh of mortals. The despotic rulers work their serfs to death while rebellion boils under the surface. Men of power and resource plot unceasingly to rise above the darkness, while surrendering their very souls. And all the while the Traveller gets closer to his return.

Will you be the bringers of light, or masters of the darkness? Or will you be consumed by your ambitions?

King of Kings

King JinKim AndrewStevenson Tarsin Larn Khadren McGibs Vincos